Explore Sunset This October

This month's Sunset Reservoir (1735 Noriega St.) is ready to serve, as they host Meet the Brewers night and demonstrate what a great neighborhood brewpub is all about. They'll be holding a Brewer Q&A at 5:30pm and a tasty beer naming contest, too.

The Sunset beer in question is known as a "C.D.A" or Cascadian dark ale, and features a darker grain bill than a typical IPA, with this version emphasizing hop aroma and taste rather than bitterness (ABV 5.4%, 26.2 IBUs). Appropriately for the contest, names associated with the Sunset district or its history will have an edge. Put your thinkin' caps on!

At 6:30pm, the monthly Drink SF Beer shuttles begin doing their thing, looping nonstop between Sunset Reservoir and Social Kitchen and Brewery, Beach Chalet, Woods Outbound and Seven Stills Lawton.

Each will have no small number of fresh brews on tap, with great food options in the mix. One particularly noteworthy release is this one from Social Kitchen:  

Social Kitchen - In Lieu Saison 
As a fun and educational tasting experience, every glass of In Lieu Saison will be served with a piece of Costa Esmeraldas chocolate from Dandelion Chocolate Co. This beer was brewed with the same nibs used in making this chocolate, and being a new experiment from the ever-adventurous Social Kitchen, you may not be surprised to hear that these cocoa nibs were used 'in lieu' of hops as the bittering element. The beer was also made using lots of small batch malted rye from Copper Fox Distillery, and fermented in barrels with a blend of Wallonian Saison yeasts and Brettanomyces. The result is a very intriguing beer with notes of strawberry preserves spread on toasted honey wheat bread, light roast coffee, earth and red wine. 

#DrinkSFBeer shuttles are FREE, stopping every 10 minutes at each venue and running through 10:30pm. NOTE: Woods Outbound closes at 10pm due to permit requirements; please plan accordingly!

Shuttles run from 6:30-10:30pm, stopping at each venue roughly every 10 min., providing plenty of time to visit the neighborhood and enjoy great beer and food at each of these local breweries.

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October 17, 2018 @ 6:30pm

Sunset Line